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Tired of typical fashion footwear that blends in with the crowd? Then discover the fun, funky designs of Irregular Choice. These fresh unique designs have been dazzling the fashion world since their inception in 1999.
Irregular Choice and have best Services among alone stores. We recommend you purchase at this store.
    Candy Floss
Diable Exlipse Ginger
Ice-cream Puppy Love Ziggy

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The REAL story is that one night, when we were camping for these exclusive Nike's that were going to be Mexico-based (with the Mexican flag on the back), we got shot at.  No joke.  We were grilling carne asadas and some tortilla, and there was 5 of us.  Me, David Rodriguez, Jose Lopez, William Moran, Julio Perez, and Ray Casanova.  While David was grilling, Jose said, "OH SHIT GET DOWN!!!" Just to let you know, it was like 2 PM but there were already a few guys behind our group (camping out as well).
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