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You love shoes. Isn't it time they loved you back? James Oliver offers that harmony of fashion and simplicity that defines your elegant sense of style, all without compromising comfort.
James Oliver and have best Services among alone stores. We recommend you purchase at this store.
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Sportie stands out among all the sneaker shops I've been to over the years. It gets 5 stars for overall selection and creativity of the collection. However, as a life long sneaker conservationist, I can never get over the maddeningly jumbled stacks of kicks. It's like a place where good sneakers go to die and you have to pick over their dusty carcasses to find a pair you like. I much prefer perusing sneakers like I do books at a bookstore, in a clean, sanitized environment where the merchandise is lovingly and respectfully displayed. At the end of the day, though, Sportie's worth a look for basic staple kicks (e.g., vans, chucks, pumas) but you can get a better deal on the high end stuff (e.g., jordans) elsewhere.
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